Fight against epidemic situation

Since February,National new coronavirus continues to spread,Jiangsu Fangyi company all work together,Our wills unite like a fortress,The first time to respond to the call of the state,Actively take a series of measures,Fight an all-round epidemic prevention war,Fight the epidemic to the end!
Fangyi company actively implements superior response requirements,In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection pneumonia,Effectively maintain the life safety and health of employees,After knowing the epidemic situation,The company decided to extend the Spring Festival holiday.
During isolation at home,the company still carries out a series of epidemic prevention and control knowledge education every day,Guide and strictly control wechat group every day,Improve employees' awareness of epidemic prevention and control.
Before resuming work,the company arranges people in advance to carry out a series of measures, such as anti-virus and disinfection in all corners of the company, and the posting of prevention and control posters,prepare for prevention and control in advance to ensure the life safety of employees.
For better prevention and control of new coronavirus,Jiangsu side intends to make specific arrangements for epidemic prevention during production,In line with the principles of "epidemic prevention first, safe production", "prevention first, measures in place", "tense and serious, scientific response"to organize production.
1. Register and record the body temperature of the personnel on duty every day, and specify the responsibility and disinfection time.
2. After entering the post, the mask should still be worn, except for the removal during the meal, the mask should be worn throughout the rest of the time.
3. Special personnel shall be arranged in important areas and public places for daily disinfection and storage of relevant epidemic supplies, such as 84 disinfectant, alcohol, etc.
4. Set up epidemic prevention and control team to check the wearing of masks for employees entering the factory, the protection measures for employees, the disinfection of office area, rest room, bath and toilet, and publicize the inspection results at any time for timely rectification.
5. Carry out key prevention and control of key parts, establish a secondary inspection system for incoming inspection and detailed area inspection records, and control the incoming of foreign personnel.
6. For the working time and meal arrangement, the company strictly arranges the plan, so as not to gather, eat or concentrate.
7. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all the employees of Fangyi and the concerted efforts of the whole nation, the epidemic will disappear and we will win!

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