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What is ceramic brake pad

Ceramic brake pad is not made of ceramic, but designed from the principle of metal ceramic. Metal ceramic contains mineral fiber, aramid fiber and ceramic fiber and other materials, ceramic brake pad color is shallow, more expensive compares to the traditional semi metallic brake pad, there are many advantages in performance.
1, Ceramic brake does not contain any metal, it can avoid the metal friction when combining the screech.
2, Sable friction coefficient, brake under high temperature ceramic brake piece occurs on the surface of metal ceramic sintering similar reaction, to maintain a high stability, not like the traditional brake pads appear the phenomenon of thermal decay, to improve braking performance.
3, Wear resistant, good thermal stability and low thermal conductivity, to meet the high wear resistance, high speed, safety and other technical requirements.
4, Comfort, compared with the traditional brake pad noise is smaller.
5, Longer lifetime, and protect the wheel hub and brake disc, powder ceramic brake friction out of gone with the wind, not like the traditional brake pads which attached to the hub, and no doping of metal particles, so it reduces the wear and tear on the brake disc.
Although ceramic brake cost is high, but it has better brake performance and you can have better driving experience, so this change is considerable.

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